The L.A. Coalition to Protect Public Health and Safety is comprised of organizations, associations, individuals, health and safety experts, labor, and business groups – all dedicated to ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of residents living in and around greater Los Angeles County.  

The Coalition is focused on educating the public and advocating against a dangerous initiative  appearing before L.A. City voters in June 2014 that would jeopardize public health and safety by forcing the City to sever its long-standing relationship with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department.

Founding coalition members include:

     Hospital Association of Southern California

      SEIU Local 721

      Teamsters Local 911

      Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

      Valley Industry & Commerce Association

      Community Clinic Association of LA County

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LA Superior Court rules against AHF measure.  Measure will not appear on LA City ballot.


Details to follow